5 Important Tips When Identifying Curtains for Adelaide Homes


Buying curtains for Adelaide homes can be a straightforward process when you know exactly what you are looking for.

There is value out there in the market, but the key is identifying a shortlist of brands that tick the essential boxes for South Australian residents.

This is our definitive 5 tip strategy to sourcing the right product for your home.


Tip 1: Measurements Are Key

There is no point investing in curtains for Adelaide homes if the product is too big or too small for purpose. For those small kitchen windows, there will be designs that commonly range from 24-36 inches in length. For living rooms and bedrooms that require full coverage, they can commonly be sourced from 63 inches to 84, 95, 108 and 120 inches respectively, although certain outlets and designers could engage in their own measurements. Before purchasing an item and making the alterations later, bring out a tape measure and ensure that the measurements are exact.


Tip 2: Complimentary Colours & Fabrics

Colours and fabrics have the chance to make or break curtains for Adelaide homes. Too dark or too light and they can clash with the rest of the surroundings. The same principle applies to the fabrics themselves as there is a different experience from velvet to silk, polyester to cotton, rayon to voile, and acrylic to lace. The lighter textures are more susceptible to sunlight damage, causing a fade that cannot be repaired. These decisions are purely subjective, but it is best practice not to be seduced by a certain colour or fabric purely for aesthetics in the store. Think about how well it will adapt to the environment at home first.


Tip 3: Cleaning Friendly Materials

While we always try to avoid those stains and build up of dust, there is no escaping from these issues when installing curtains for Adelaide homes. Especially for those residents living with pets and small children, this can be an ongoing challenge that has to be monitored. Microfiber selections are most resistant to incurring stains, so they already have a head start on the competition. Yet there are other items that work well for washer machines, opening other doors for brands that are geared towards occasional dry cleaning. Identify how you wash your fabrics and speak to outlets about durability and resistance to stains.


Tip 4: Style vs. Substance

There are essential two ends of the market when it comes to examining curtains for Adelaide homes. It will come down to a consideration between style and substance. A balance can be found in these situations, but heavy velvet curtains and sheer curtains will have different advantages. The former will help to provide homeowners with a greater level of personal privacy and sunlight protection. The latter will offer a more delicate and aesthetically pleasing presentation, but will often fall short of the privacy and sun protection benefits. There are materials that can strike a balance, but it is worthwhile taking a stance on the style vs. substance dilemma before settling on an investment.


Tip 5: Great Customer Service Brands

The higher the grade of customer service, the better the deal when securing curtains for Adelaide homes. This is a consideration that covers a number of key bases, spanning the price of the investment to the expertise of the advice, the assistance with the installation process and any warranty coverage that protects the sanctity of the purchase for the long-term. There will be retail stores that try and sell their stock at bulk and earn a lot of business across Adelaide from this corner of the market, but without any professional assistance around the deal, the value drops significantly and the shopper is back to square one. Buy curtains for Adelaide homes with reputable sellers only to avoid these concerns.


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