Find Out How Much E-cigarette Literate You Are

If you are new to the vibrant Australian e-cigarette world, it is understandable that some terms may go over your head. Take for example, e-cig. You may have a faint idea of it, but can you actually describe what it is and how it works? No, it is not a traditional tobacco cigarette in a new avatar if that’s what you are thinking. In fact, it has nothing to do with cigarette except for the fact that it derives its name from it. But still, it is more often than not compared with the old-fashioned cig. So, what is e-cigarette? What is e-liquid? Why we have to buy nicotine e liquid in Australia or elsewhere for the e-cig? Let’s learn about everything one by one.

What is an electronic cigarette?
It is a battery-operated vape device designed to deliver a vaporous mix of nicotine and flavours to the user. It is available in a variety of shapes and styles to meet the ever-changing needs of vapers out there. E-cig is commonly made up of three components: a cartridge for holding nicotine e liquid, a vaporizer for heating and a battery as a power source.

How does it work?
There are some e-cigs with a fire button that you are supposed to press before taking a puff, whereas in automatic Australian e-cigarette, inhaling activates their battery-powered heating system. In both cases, once the heating system gets activated, it vaporizes the nicotine e-liquid in the cartridge. This process results in aerosol, commonly known as vapours, which are inhaled and then exhaled by the user. (that’s what we call vaping).


What is e-liquid?
Fondly called vape juice or simply juice, e-liquid is the fluid in the e-cigarettes that is converted into vapours for the user to inhale. It is offered in a range of flavours with varying nicotine levels. These juices come in traditional flavours, namely tobacco and mint, as well as contemporary ones, such as fruity and spicy. The nicotine strength that can go from as low as 0% to moderate through to the upwards of 5%; what can work for you are only you to decide. That means you can buy nicotine e liquid in Australia and elsewhere according to your preferences and goals. Besides, another thing to know is that e juice is made of 90% PG/VG and 10% nicotine or food-grade flavourings. Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) act as suspension agents for the juice.

How e-cig is similar to and different from cig?
Actually, e-cigs were invented as the smoking alternative. But now it has been realized that vaping is completely different from smoking, so much so that there’s no comparison between the two. Traditional tobacco cigs work on the principle of combustion wherein tobacco is burnt to produce smoke and deliver nicotine to the user. E-cigs simulate this process, but there’s no combustion involved in it. Vaping involves, as we have already discussed, heating of nicotine e liquid to generate vapours.

Knowing all about e-cigarette means you are almost half way through your vaping literacy. Knowledge about vaping comes in handy when you hang out with a group of vapers or want to try vaping for the first time. We hope we have been able to meet your expectations from this article. For more about vaping, keep looking this space up.

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