Interesting Things to Know About Glass Bongs

A bong also called a water pipe, is a basic appliance which is used to smoke cannabis, tobacco or other medicinal or hallucinatory products. It is shaped like a pipe, and the product which is to be smoked is kept at eh bottom of the pipe. After igniting the pipe, the smoke coming from the bottom is inhaled after it flows from the bottom oval part through the opening and into the top. A device which resembles a bong is a hookah, which is also used to smoke. The only difference is that hookah is generally used for smoking flavored tobacco and is used in hookah bars and restaurants. The glass bongs are generally a more compact and movable version of a hookah.

A bong may be made from any material which is tightly sealed to avoid any leakage of water or air. All one needs is a hollow pipe and a container to hold the tobacco or cannabis.

hollow pipe

About bongs

These structures have been known to be in use for many decades in the countries of the African continent, Laos, Thailand, etc. The term bong has been used many years back for the first time in recorded history in the 1940s. It was then described as something of a water pipe used for smoking hashish, hemp-plant or marijuana. Water is added to the bong to filter out some of the ash particles from reaching the lungs.  The water traps the majority of large chunks of particles and stops them from reaching the lungs of the person smoking from the bong.

Bongs are generally made from any glass or plastic material. One needs to shape a bowl-like structure, a pipe, and a bong can be made out of it. The glass used to make such glass bongs must be made with such a material which can withstand heat. Any glass that breaks melts or gets damaged after getting heated repeatedly is not considered to be the ideal material to make a bong. The bong is then filled with water, and the substance which is to be smoked is placed inside the bowl like structure. The bowl is heated, and the smoker inhales from the pipe. This creates a quicker and cleaner drag than a basic cigarette. After enough drugs are made, the smoke inside the glass bongs begins to become more and denser. The heat source is now removed, and the bong can be smoked until the smoke gets thinner and thinner.

As said, glass bongs can be made by a person by themselves or even purchased online or at a local store. One must provide ID proof that he or she is at least 18 years of age before buying glass bongs. This rule exists in many countries across the world.


Smoking tobacco or cannabis injurious to health as is known to all smokers. It is done as a recreational activity, and it is banned in many countries across the world. Nonetheless, it is carried out by people of all ages in places all over the world.

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