Online Shopping Vs. Old Style Shopping!

Shopping is a lot of fun for everyone no matter where and how you shop, online or from a shopping mall. However, online shopping has become a matter of comfort and convenience. Nevertheless, both online shopping as well as old style shopping (shopping from a retail or shopping mall) has their own advantages and disadvantages. Let us check what they are:

Online shopping advantages

Time effective – online shopping surely does save a lot of time. Since you save time of travel and even browsing through different products can be done a lot faster than in a retail store.

Convenient – it definitely is convenient, since you can shop from absolutely anywhere you are. Whether you are in your office, home, in the middle of a movie, name it can you can shop easily from there.

Money saver deals – online shopping portals offer great money saving deals that you might not find anywhere else. Since the sellers save money of renting a store or paying to the sales staff, it is easier for them to sell the product at a lower rate than the usual retail store sellers.

Disadvantages of online shopping

Missing sense of touch – the only thing that is missing is that you are unable to see, touch and feel the product.

Advantages of shopping from retail store

See, touch and feel before you buy a product – this is a major advantage of shopping from a retail store.

Tried and tested products – you can try wearing something before you buy it or use a product like T.V before you make a purchase.

Compare – you can easily compare one product to another while shopping from a retail store, which cannot be done while shopping from an online store.

Disadvantages of shopping from retail store

Time consuming, inconvenient, higher in price – these are the 3 main drawbacks of shopping from a retail store.

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