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Where to do guest posts? – The answer to guest blogging!

Guest blogging has turned out to be beneficial for blogger’s popularity. It helps them create backlinks, reach out to a new audience as well as connect to fellow bloggers. The best deal is that it helps you learn and grow as a blogger too.

However, it isn’t easy to find the platform for guest blogging easily! Not all the bloggers are okay with being guest post hosts. Due to misuse of the platform and spam content, many bloggers have discontinued guest blogging.

So, where to do guest posts? – Here are ways to find the ideal platform for guest posting!

Connect to bloggers

The best way to do a guest post is to connect with bloggers in your niche. Be it any field like travel, food, fashion, lifestyle, etc. connecting with fellow bloggers helps in targeting the similar audience and connecting on a front that is most relevant. Fellow bloggers with relevant content but less number of followers get agreed easily, but the more popular ones might not readily agree to guest posting. It is ideal to look for bloggers open to guest post or pitch to the right bloggers with your intention to see if they are ready for it.

Find the guest post websites

There are many guest post websites which have narrowed the search for guest posting blogs. These websites list the guest bloggers, websites and other portals for the audience to find their appropriate mediums. The criteria of the posting are also not much, but the user has to use these websites to post a guest post on other platforms. The websites help in connecting the bloggers who want to guest blog in one platform. However, there are more chances of people trying to create backlinks rather than working on quality content. So if SEO is the motive, then they prove to be the best!

Guest blog communities

Guest blog communities have come ahead in creating a good group of bloggers who are ready for guest blogging. If you are looking for an answer to ‘Where to do guest posts?’ The community is the answer. You can post an open request for guest posting and bloggers can reach out to you depending on the preferences, quality content and niche of the blog. There are certain guidelines to be followed while posting the guest posts – which needs to be abided!

Host-guest posting

If you are not able to find Where to do guest posts, it is time to be a host yourself. As being a host invites a blogger and their audience to your platform for the post – it is a great way too for the promotion of the blog. After being a host if the connection is well established other bloggers might be interested in being a host for your guest posting too!

The blogger world is filled with opportunities to guest post and grow the blog. It is the right approach and the right connection which brings about the best in guest posting. Lookout for bloggers in your niche and give it a try!