Six Things to Know Before Purchasing Leather Sofa

Leather is long lasting and durable material made from the skin of animal. It is made from any type of animal. There are various types of leathers. The best cover for sofa is leather. Leather sofa is best for everyday use. People feel very comfortable on it. It lasts long and is trouble-free to clean. With proper care it can last for life time. People love buying leather couch but usually gets puzzled before buying it as there are varieties of colors, designs, textures available in leather. Some leather sofas are expensive but they are worth buying. Here are some tips to keep in mind before purchasing your leather sofa to avoid any mistakes:-


1. Different types of leather

Full grain leather, Fiber leather, embossed grain, split grain and nubuck grain are the five types of leather. Among all these leathers, full grain leather is the best quality used for sofa. You should always choose full grain leather as they are much stronger and long lasting compared to other leathers. If you are buying leather sofa, full grain leather is the best option.

2. Check properly before buying

When buying leather sofa, it is very important to check it properly and see if there is any fault. Touch and check the quality of the sofa. If the material is smooth then it is the fake leather used. Full grain leathers are high quality leather which will never be smooth. Many times they give us fake leather settee instead of the real ones. Hence it is compulsory to check every part of the sofa before you purchase.

3. Check the back side of the sofa

First thing while buying is to check the back panels of the sofa. Check it’s finishing before buying leather couch. Real full grain comes in small sections. If the sofa panels are big and not in small sections, the grains are not real. It means it is not the real leather sofa.

4. Ask for a sample

Don’t just buy leather sofa in a hurry. Ask for different samples and make sure that the color of the sample matches you room. You can get an idea of how durable it is by stretching the sample. Leather sample will give you a rough idea about how your Leather couch will look. Hence it is better to ask for a sample before you purchase.

5. Size of the sofa

Size of the sofa can be decided according to the vacant space in your room. The size of the sofa at the shop and at your home can be totally different. Therefore the purchaser needs to measure it properly with a measure tape two to three times and have the proper size before purchasing leather sofa.

6. Try before purchasing

When buying leather sofa you should always try it. Sit on the sofa and check whether it is as per your choice. Check the material and make sure that the sofa is as comfortable as you want.

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