What are Some of the Amazing Attractions of South Rim?

Among the major spots of this awesome Grand Canyon helicopter tours the south rim has got many attractive features. The hosting of visitors in the south rim as a part of this Grand Canyon helicopter tours has been started in 1850s. Later the place was developed to a tourist destination in 1905 and the construction of El Tovar Hotel is all the part of this. Now there are many hotels and other facilities created purely for the tourists coming in the place. In 1950s the popularity of south rim was incredibly increased to the different parts of the world hence the need for more lodging was there. Also the restaurants and lodging facilities were increased as well as upgraded to better standards of quality in that days. The airport and other aviation facilities in Tusayan also attract the visitors more to the place than the other areas available by Grand Canyon.


The world famous IMAX Theatre is also situated in south rim near to the national park airport. In fact many of the tours from Grand Canyon originate from south rim. Thus the starting point of Grand Canyon copter rides is south rim and also many other tours are also beginning from the same point. It includes the jeep tours, airplane tours, helicopter tours, rafting tours, bus tours etc… It is very important to be noted that the place is quite attractive for the children. What they can do in the other rims is comparatively less with the south rim.

The day tours to south rim as a part of Grand Canyon chopper trips are available from different places like flagstaff, deer valley or phoenix valley and Sedona. The visitors should be aware of the rush to the area in the seasons so that they could book their hotel reservations almost six to nine months before the travel season. The seasonal changes affect the tourism in the area unlike the other rim of the helicopter trips. Moreover, Grand Canyon west is the next most attractive place to the visitors which includes the skywalk and many other exclusive options.

The glass skywalk in Grand Canyon west is one of the major attractions of the entire Grand Canyon aircrafts travelling. The different names of the glass skywalk are glass Sky Bridge, glass walkway, glass balcony and the glass floor. The proximity to Las Vegas also has become one of the main reasons for such importance given to the area. It is very important to be noted that the number of visitors coming to the place is around one million in a year. However this is the second most visited place by Grand Canyon.

There are different places in Grand Canyon helicopter tour but south rim actually has huge demand and attractions than the other ones. It includes the facilities of lodging and flooding to the visitors since it is very close to Las Vegas. The tourism has been developed in the area decades before which make the place the most favourable.

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